My Bucket List

My list of things to accomplish in my life. Its my very own personal bucket list, and as a life project of my own, I will document each event as proof to myself and to you readers. Wish me luck in doing all of them!

The Bucket List v2.0

1. Save someones life.

2. Make someones dream come true.

3. Write a book and get it published.

4. Open my own cafe\shop.

5 Learn to play 10 full songs on the guitar.

6. Play in a real rock band.

7. Get a super bike. ( and a bike license)

8. Be great with kids. (as advised by Paul, thanks ;P)

9. Go skydiving.

10. Fly a plane.

11. Go scuba diving.

12. Go surfboarding.

13. Climb up Angel Falls.

14. Go to Mardi Gras.

15. Try stand up comedy.

16. Be featured on TV.

17. Get to meet Russel Crowe in person.

18. Go drift racing.

19. Go on a Go Kart race with friends.

20. Be on public radio.

21. Go on an ocean cruise.

22. Go paintballing. (DONE)

23. Visit the 8 Wonders of the World (old list not the latest one).

24. Become a fire fighter.

25. Learn to become a good photographer.  (Am now a ‘DECENT’ photographer)

26. Ride an ATV.

27. Go rock climbing. (DONE)

28. Learn at least 3 different languages aside from English. (DONE)

29. Get into a bar fight, and win.

30. Become a ninja.

31. Get my six packs to show out.

32. Learn ballroom dancing and salsa dancing and then get good at them.

33. Enter in a friendly gaming competition. (PC or Console) (DONE)

34. Win a contest. (DONE)

35. Go backpacking.

36. Go on a survival trip in a jungle.

37. Go skiing and snowboarding.

38. Make my own movie. I now do Youtube Videos. (DONE?)

39. Learn to become a bartender\flarer.

40. Go paragliding. (DONE)

41. Start a travel diary.

42. Go white water rafting.

43. Go underwater, sea diving.

44. Climb up Mt. Kinabalu. (DONE)

45. Go to Hawaii for a vacation.

46. Try space cake.

47. Enter a Jazz club.

48. Go bungee jumping.

49. Play a round of poker in Las Vegas.

50. Go to France, Paris. (DONE)


4 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I think being great with kids (#11) is an on-going thing, so how would you accomplish that? Just cross it off now! Heh heh.

    I’ve made 3 lists in a journal of mine: Things I want, People I plan to meet/keep in touch with, and Places I plan to visit. So far I’ve been acquiring a bunch and accomplishing much 🙂

    Keep it up Calvin, keep moving forward.

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