Get your Broforce on.

Its the weekend and boy am I glad its here. A much needed rest is due but as always I don’t actually get any real rest until Sunday as the niece and nephew visit every Saturday. I love those two little soft rolls, I do, with all that energy and playfulness stored up inside. Its when their energy just seems limitless that I have to hide in my room from time to time to recharge my own. Other times I’m lucky and they’re sitting down quietly enjoying an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with a bowl of biscuits between them. Today was not that day.

During one of my few respites, I was fiddling though my computer files and found a .zip file for a demo I forgot about. It was the alpha build for Broforce. Haven’t heard of it? Check out the trailer:

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, this cool 8-bit styled platforming shoot-em-up game has you playing as the many different action heroes from famous Hollywood movies and shows. Ranging from the Texas Ranger, John Matrix, Mr.T and even Blade, this game is brotastic! I highly recommend giving this game a try. You can grab the free demo “Brototype” here and check out their Greenlight page for more information.

This game is way too much fun, and I hope they consider 2 player co-op\competitive in the full version. Have fun.



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