Here’s A Tune For You.

Here’s something for you guys who are sick of mainstream music (which is probably everyone by now). While trudging through today, I realized I was working in complete silence and decided to roll the dice with Youtube by typing “Indie Music” on the search bar. What I found did not disappoint.

Here’s the band that I’ve been listening to the whole day, and perhaps much longer from now on.

All The Luck In The World


These guys are from Ireland and have been playing as a band since 2011, they’ve been getting around with their alternative tunes, leading up to their first album titled “Never” which also happens to be the name of the song that got me interested.

I like them in a very nostalgic way, the sound of the the guitar and his voice seems to fit so well, letting my mind reminisce freely.

Also here’s a game on Newgrounds that I found a few days ago. Its a simple defense game with upgrades, but the humor and art style is really enjoyable. Give it a go, you’ll find yourself spending about an hour so playing it, even if the mechanics are not your slice of pie, you’ll still find the humor entertaining. So peace off!

The Peacekeeper.



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