Ittle Dew Brings Back Memories

I’m back. Now that’s settled with, lets dive into it shall we?

This is Ittle Dew.


This cutesy little Zelda-like indie adventure game has you in the shoes of a traveler and her trusty fox-with-dragonfly wings sidekick (named Tippsie) on an adventure! You start off on an island which is just reeking in it, and armed with your stick, you set off into the very first cave.

First off can I say just how pretty this game looks?! It reminds of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, if it was a top down 2D game. The world looks like something you’d find in a comic book or cartoon and is brought to life with small animations like how the stencil outlines of characters are always moving and the way monsters move, like the floating turnips and waddling platypus (at least I think they are…). Its charming design drew me into the game quite quickly and I looked forward to finding out more. Controls are smooth and move fluidly enough to keep you on your toes while the world just looks so colorful and bright, even in the darker areas like dungeons.


If you like games that reference other popular titles as well as self referential humor, than you will want to get this game. The jokes you’ll find here are varied from visual gags (best one is in the castle) to conversations between Dew and the other inhabitants on the island. Tippsie the sidekick lives up to his namesake, with his bottle of red liquid always at hand and Itan the Item Store owner has a strange obsession with carving all sorts of things, sea life especially. Even tutorial messages tend to kick out a smirk or snicker from me. So if you need a simple game with lots of humor in it, this game can easily serve your needs.


Now onto the meat of the meal. The gameplay. Ittle Dew plays exactly as it should. Movement controls and actions are fluid and easy to pull off. It doesn’t ask for very complex maneuvers, as it is more puzzle oriented and asks more of your brain power, than button mashing.

The puzzles are varied and come in enough flavors to keep the game interesting, slowly starting you out with puzzle blocks, moving on to ice blocks and bombs, adding some depth into the whole package. It isn’t too difficult, so masochists might want to go back to Dark Souls II, but it is enough of a challenge to leave some sitting and pondering for a few minutes before your younger sibling comes by and solves it on their first try. (I’m locking my door from now on.) Dew will have a variety of weapons to wield that help solve puzzles, like the Fire Sword that lights things on fire and a Portal Wand (If you’re wondering what that does, go play something else.) among others.

As for how long this game will take you to finish, just the main story can go up to 3 hours or so, but if you’re a completionist, you may find yourself spending up to 6 hours or more. This is mostly in part that the trickier puzzles are hidden with pathways covered by trees and other stuff. Part of the challenge is finding them, solving them and grabbing that Collectible Card at the end. These cards usually comprise of Enemies and Bosses you’ll run into with some pretty funny flavor text included.

There really isn’t much in terms of replayability for Ittle Dew, as the puzzles will be straight forward once you’ve figured them out and the jokes can only be humorous after playing through it so many times. But it is a really fun game to play when you tackle it the first time. A solid recommend for fans of Zelda games of Indie adventure lovers. The creators at Ludosity, mentioned that there are Leaderboards and also encourage speed running as well as choosing to purchase only a certain combination of tools to beat the game to challenge yourself.

Ittle Dew will capture you with its charm and humor, and the puzzles will tingle your brains enough to keep you playing till the end.


Ittle Dew is available on Steam for $13.99 or RM 49.72 for Windows, Mac & Ouya.


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